We recommended wellness exams annually for adult pets, and twice yearly for senior pets. Puppies and Kittens need even more attention and specialized care! The majority of problems found at a wellness visit were not identified by the pet owner, but by the veterinarian! Many people do not realize all of the issues their pets can have, that is why you bring them to us. Blood testing and urine testing at wellness visits can screen for underlying disease that can alert us to problems not readily apparent on physical exam. We recommend blood screening on young animals to identify congenital problems and as a baseline for their senior years. This can be done at the time of neutering or at any annual visit and repeated as needed. Senior pets merit both blood and urine testing annually to prevent minor issues becoming life threatening.

Weight Management

The biggest news about fat is that it is a bioactive material! That means that not only is it there to put extra stress on bones, joints, and organs, but that it is also secreting cell mediators that are actually doing physical damage to the body. An overweight pet is more likely to have arthritis than his/her normal weight sibling. We can show you what your pet’s body condition score is, and what it should be. A dog kept at an appropriate weight will live an average of 1 year longer than its overweight counterpart!!!! (and you’ll save money by feeding less too) We advocate proper nutrition and exercise. For pets that cannot lose weight, testing for endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease is indicated. For dogs that have no endocrine disease (or one that is under control) but still cannot lose weight, we recommend either Prescription R/D (reducing diet) or Metabolic Weight Management to assist the pet get on the track to good health.

Blood pressure measurement for all pets with heart or weight, or endocrine issues.


Puppy/Kitten Care

The formative time for puppies and kittens is just as important as their human counterparts, except they reach the teenage years by the time they are 9 months old! Puppy and kitten packages are the best way to get your new youngster started on a healthy path. Our packages include a complete physical exam, age appropriate vaccines, dewormers targetting the most common juvenile parasites, comprehensive intestinal parasite screening, heartworm protection, flea protection, and client education. Our entire staff strives to educate our clients on medical and dental health, behavior, and all things juvenile – including house training, individual issues, etc.

Geriatric Care

Our senior patients are special and may need help with arthritis, nutrition, weight management, endocrine disorders and organ dysfunction. We treat each case as an individual and work with each client to find the best options for their senior pet. Our holistic approach to your pet’s senior years can ensure many more happy moments for you to enjoy.